Red Hail by Jamie Killen

We follow two timelines, two separate stories, that crash together towards the last part of the book. I really like that kind of storytelling, it keeps things very interesting. :)

In 1960 we follow the event of summer in the small town of Galina. The story starts with Anza seeking help with terminating her pregnancy. After that strange red hail falls that will change everything. Soon after that people start to act strangely. Having strange blackout seizures, first with naming, then statuing, and so on. It feels like the plague has set on the small town, but no one can figure out the reason until it suddenly stops.

The second storyline is set in the present time. A couple just moving into their first home. Colin is a college professor, writing a dissertation on mass hysteria that he sure happens in 1960 in Galina and  Alonzo is one of the successors of Galina. When he starts to exhibit the same symptoms as people of Galina, Colin must scramble to find an explanation.

It’s a very intense story, the kind that you can’t stop reading. And the ending is something. :) I was very surprised by how it all turned out. :)
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January 21st, 2020 by Red Adept Publishing, LLC
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