Last to Love by Alexa Whitewolf

It’s bittersweet to read the last book in the series. Last to Love bring the story of four shifters to an epic conclusion. :)

It’s Lucas’s turn to fall in love. Monica was sent by his father, to bring him back. 
He certainly didn't expect him to like her so much. After his mother and brother died, he closed himself off to love. And now she comes, sturring all those long-buried feelings.

She took the job in exchange for freedom. It’s supposed to be an easy job. Flirt, lie and convince him to come back. But she ends up falling for him.

Their relationship starts with lies, and it takes a long time for trust to form. 
But by then his father is done waiting, he sends people after him and takes him back home. He is held prisoner and finally finds out his true destiny and what his father wants for him.

It’s time for him to take things into his own hands. 

I love his story, there is so much mythology & I loved it. :) 
received from the Author
Moonlight Rogues #4
shapeshifters, urban fantasy, romance
December 31st, 2019
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