The Last Atlantian by Mikki Noble

I love mythology of any kind, so I was very excited to read a book that has to do with Atlantis. And I was not disappointed.

While the origins are the same, the author took a myth and put an entirely new spin on it.  I love the storyline, the way the story is slowly revealing itself, through the action. 
Spencer is 17 years old working in her best friends' parent’s coffee shop to earn for her own car. She is very unhappy when she has to work on her actual birthday. There is a regular at the coffee shop, who scares her a bit and when he grabs her, she turns him into gold. She is terrified of what just happen. Next thing she knows there are people trying to kidnap her and handsome stranger hell-bent on saving her. When they all disappear, she takes his keys, that very left ton the floor and disappears to his apartment. 

She finds out that she is Atlantian, but has no idea what that actually means, or how it affects her.

She and Eli are on the hunt for answers when she is kidnapped.

It’s an action-packed story, full of amazing storytelling and interesting mythology intertwined.

Even though I loves the storyline, the writing was not my favorite, I was missing a bit more of a flow.
rating πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
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mythology, urban fantasy, ya
December 13th, 2019



Spencer did not plan to work on her birthday. She didn’t plan a lot of things, but they happened anyway. Like, when she touched a guy and he turned into a gold statue, or when some stranger appeared to tell her she was in danger. She didn’t plan to see her life forever changed by one simple act, and it still happened anyway.

What Spencer doesn’t know is why. Why is all this happening to her? Why does she have the power to turn people into gold all of a sudden? Who is she really?

And why is this cute guy calling her the last Atlantian?

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  1. The book sounds really good and has a great cover. Thank you for the review it was very helpful.

  2. im looking forward to reading this!

  3. I'm loving the cover, its very pretty

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share your terrific book with us. I enjoyed reading about it.


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