Reading Diary 0.3

I’ve started the day by reading Ordinary by Starr Z,đ. Davies and I loved it. I was a bit reluctant to start it because by the synopsis it could go either way. But it’s good. It’s very good. And long. I wanted to finish it in the morning, but I had to get up halfway and was so bummed. In the future, something happened and most of the population was wiped out, those that remained were those who had powers. Now the world is rebuilt and the power is all that matters. If you have it a lot you can lead a good life, but if you don’t, you have to pay the country extra taxes.

Amongst all that is a boy that doesn’t have any. At all. Now he is being offered a job, living as a test subject. It’s his only opportunity and he takes it. But it’s rough and the climate outside is getting rougher.

I love the book where the world is built out and thought out. There are rules that the characters have to live by, political rules, rules of the world itself, rules of the powers. If it’s done good, I can immerse myself in the story and feel like I’m a part of it. If not, it bugs me the entire read. :) Is there something that bugs you when reading?


I read a bit of This Savage Song when on break and I’m starting to get into it. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if this will be the book for me. It took a lot of time world-building and setting the characters and honestly I had a hard time getting into it. Now I’m about 100 pages in an I'm starting to fall in love with the story and characters, I’m getting pulled in and I love it! :)


I took a break from This Savage Song and read Sweet Talkin Lover. I was sure I would love it. It’s sweet romance and tension. The kind of book I love to read here and there. But I was a bit disappointed. While the story was good and what I thought it would be, I was a bit put off by the writing. It didn’t… vibe with me and it took away from the storyline a lot. It’s kind of frustrating because it takes away from what the story could be.

Anyhow, in the late evening, I was back with This Savage Song, and I finished it. OMG, it was SOO good. I was blown away. It starts out slow-ish, but as the story progresses it builds upon that worldbuilding from the start & the intensity steadily increases, till the last courter, well it all blows up-non-stop action. I couldn’t blink while reading the last part. So good. And I love the characters, especially Kate, she is THE definition of bad-ass. :)


It was a busy, busy day, not much time to read. And to be honest, because the last book I’ve read was good, I was having a bit of a bookish hangover. :)

I picked up Mass Hysteria. I was intrigued by the format, it’s serial novel-story continues through three books, but was so disappointed. I mean there was potential, the storyline is not bad, I even liked (got a bit of Twilight vibe), but the writing needs more work. 
So that didn’t help with my mood at all. I get so bummed out when I have to give a bad rating.

And then I started my Angelfall re-read. I love this series sooooo much. I only got a few chapters but oh man. It’s so intense and full of action and Raffe. :D


It was such blah day. The wheater outside was very glum and I felt like a sloth. :) But I did read Pixie Diary Sampler. I was giggling through the entire story. I love books like that, that are fun, filled with adventure and still have a substantial plot. The only thing bad about it: the full book comes out in March. That’s way too long. I want to read it … NOW. :)

Have you read anything good this week?


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