Pixieland Diaries Sampler by Christina Bauer

I’ve never read a sampler before and I have mixed feelings about it. I loved getting a little sneak peek into the story, but the downside is, that I don’t know how will I be able to wait till march to read the full story.

I don’t think I had this much fun while reading a book. :) I was giggling all through till the end (my cat was not a fan, I greatly disturbed the nap time:)). She is such a fun character. She is a pixie, living with her adopted parents. She was actually born on Earth, so she is a faeling. Under the current rule of the summer court (where she lives), faerie are supposed to be main. She has a problem with that. So she puls this hilarious pranks on council members. 
My favorite quote from the story:
“Thank you.” Next Lazare does that thing where you walk away really fast, all while clenching your butt cheeks. I sigh as I watch all the summer elves all file out behind their King Regent. Most are doing that same poop-walk as well. 
Also, I love the writing format, especially in the beginning. :) It has fast become one of my most anticipated books of this spring. I can’t wait to read. I’m sure we are in for a treat. :) 
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January 28th, 2020 by Monster House Books
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