Mass Hysteria: Panic by Dawn Brazil

Panic is the first book in Mass Hysteria trilogy of serial novels. We follow the story of Elizabeth, who was always different from everyone. She has just one friend, she is socially awkward and seems like she has no feelings. And then comes the boy. :) Brian moves next door and they get closer. The feeling she thought she will never feel creep up. And he might just feel the same.

 At the same time she keeps on getting threatening letters, girls that look just like her are murdered and get this terrible pain every now and then. There seems to be more going on than she realizes.

I enjoyed the storyline and liked the idea behind the story, but it was very hard to ... like Elizabeth. It was very hard for me to figure out what her personality even is. 

received from Xpresso Book Tours
romance, ya, sci-fi
October 29th, 2019

happy reading,


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