Jeremiah Jericho: Book One: Allowance by Azariah Scott

Jeremiah just turned 16. He figured out that he got something from his father. The computer chip in his head and annoying voice that is always in his head. :) He can use it to hack people.
He finds about it the hard way, with sharp pain and voice that doesn’t leave. :) That was my favorite part of the story, their dialogs are very interesting. :)

But the trouble comes when the government wants the chip back.
It strat an intense and action-filled story.

I wanted to love the book. It’s just the kind of story I love. I loved the storyline, the characters, but I had trouble with the writing style. It wasn’t a great fit for me. 
rating 💚💚💚
cover 💛💛💛
received from Author
sci-fi, ya
number of pages
June 20th, 2019

happy reading,
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