Favorites: Sci-fi

I feel in love with science fiction in high school. It went well with my love of physics and math. :) Ever since then I don't read as many books in this genre. Partly because I keep on discovering new genres and partly because good sci-fi book are hard to find.

These five are totally amazing. :)

Alien Minds by Chistina Bauer
I started the series by reading two prequels (neven done that before) and it got me so excited for the series. The first one in the series, Alien  Minds excited all my expectations. There are aliens, parallel worlds, cool tech, and the sweetest romance. :)

The Cloud by Daniel Boshoff
The group of teenagers starts an internship. What starts out as a tour end up with them waking up on a strange planet, with no way back. Oh, and one of them is a kind of robot. :)

Code Revelation by Boris Sanders
In a futuristic sci-fi story, Max is a computer scientist, who is continuously exploited by his boss. One day he picks up a gift for his girlfriend. The box the gift was in contained Lucy. She offers to help him get rid of his boss if he helps her escape. very intense story. :)

A Soldier and a Liar by Catlin Lochner
The world is about to go to war and it's up to four teens with a superpower to save it. Each with a totally different personality and strengths.

A Layer Hidden By Candace Robinson
It's a short story, about a family traveling in a space ship to a distant planet, only they don't make it. :) It's scary good.

Do you like to read sci-fi?

happy reading,


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