The Lost War by Justin Lee Anderson

In the Eidyn there was a war to take the lead away from the bad king. After many deaths, they won the war, but at a huge price. There is the darkness that remains in the parts of the land. 

Aranok is tired of the war, but when he finds out that the village of his parents is in danger, he wants to help. Being the king's envoy, he can't always do as he please. And the king is not on board with his quest, he has another in mind for Aranok. Aranok reluctantly agrees, but doesn't give up on his parents, he will just have to take a bit of a different road. 

As the quest starts, they discover darkness of all kinds in all the parts of the land. And that is just the start of an epic story.

It reads like a classic epic fantasy & at the same time has a very distinct style. I loved getting lost in the words. :)
rating 💚💚💚💚
received from Author
Eidyn #1
number of pages
August 30th, 2019 by King Lot Publishing

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