The Book Of Wizer by Daniel Boshoff

The story is set in a high fantasy world The Pearl King is running out money. He is turning to neighboring tribes, to steal their lands. So he hires Jennekai to kidnap their princess. He plans to extort with her. But when instead of payment, he almost get killed, he has to make a new plan. What was not in the plan was falling in love with her. The Book of Wizar is a very complex story. There are plots and magical artifacts, and epic journeys.  

My favorite characters isJennekai, he is very flawed, but there is something about him, you just have to like him. 

I like the world created, it is well thought out, my only complaint is that the writing is very dense at times, stalling the flow a bit.
rating 💚💚💚💚
received from Author
The Book Of Wizar: The Chronicles of Elleran: Book 1
number of pages
September 12th, 2019

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