Reading Diary #0.2

Another week, more books to read. :)

I'm in such a reading mood & I'm trying to read as much as I can to catch up for a suckie reading year, also because I have some awesome books to read. :D, so I'm trying to read all the books, to catch up.


I woke up too early again, instead of going back to sleep, I read a bit. I wanted to finish Stolen Princess. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading it. it was so ... unexpected. I can usually predict how the story will go, but with this one, if I was sure that something will happen, the opposite did. I liked that a lot.


I got a bit of late start today. I started reading Calico Thunder Rides Again in the late afternoon. At first, it was a bit hard to get into it, but I was soon
sucked in by circus life. I haven't read a book that is set in one.
It's the best thing about books, despite having fun while reading, being sucked in and all that... You get to experience so many different worlds, and cultures and lives through storytelling. One day you read about old biblical monsters, the next day you are in the futuristic space ship and then you go into a high fantasy world full of magic and dragon and all the things. :)

I love it!


I've got a lot of review books piled up since I was in no shape to read past month. I set a goal of finishing all the ARCs I received by the end of the year... we shall see if how that will go. :) I'm still hopeful but have almost 30 books to finish (not counting the ones I just want to read). But I'm not trying to force myself to read, because that is just recipe for slump and suckiness.


So I got sucked into the YouTube world again. I would be able to read ao much more if I did spend so much time watching cleaning videos :). Anyhow, I started so many books and haven't finished any of them. Nothing was sticking with me today, so I decide to take a break and watch a movie... maybe tomorrow will be more productive. :)


I was up at the crack of dawn again and a little bit bored. So I went back to my list of books to finish this year... and picked Veiled by Desire. I was looking forward to this one since last year and it didn't disappoint. I read in one sitting. I was transported to the magical land of Laith and still think about it all the time. The writing and storytelling are so unique. It has a very distinct style, that I just love.

Next one on the list was Advent. Not the best choice to start off the reading marathon... The storytelling mostly consists of dialogs and I had a lot of
trouble getting into the story. I'm not even sure what is going on, so I set it aside for a while.

I didn't read that many books this week, but I had a lot of fun reading those I did. I hope you had a good week reading!

happy reading,


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