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There are many great things about being the book blogger, getting to read books before they come out is one I am the most grateful for, the other is getting to read a vast amount of very different books, books I would have never picked out myself, and I would be missing out. :) 

Like horror, romance. manga and as of recent short stories and novellas. 

I was so fascinated when I read my first collection. Before I was convinced that short stories are just novel, but abridged. Not at all. It's a totally different way to tell a story. And I'm a big fan of stories, any kind. :)

here are some of my favorite Short Stories in different genres

sci-fi  Net 2.3 

Collection of four short stories, all very different, all very, very good. 

horror Chill & Creeps 

My favorite kind of scary story is the kind, where scary stuff trickles slowly through the story until you are afraid to leave the room. :) That the style stories of Chill & Creeps are written in. I

fairytale retelling Stars Above 

Lunar Chronicles is one of my all-time favorite series. There is just something magical about reading a well know tale put in a whole different light. Stars Above is a collection of 9 short stories, set in the same world and featuring most of the same character. 

high-fantasy Adventure in Amarant

Set in a high-fantasy world, we follow four brothers in four different adventures in the magical world of Amarant. They are funny, entertaining and very magical. :)

Do you like reading short stories and novellas?

happy reading,


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