Absence: Whispers and Shadows by J. B. Forsyth

Delia and her uncle live in a small village. She has a bad leg and girls at school are constantly making fun of her. There is poison in her leg and she has to visit the Absence every day, in order to keep the poison from reaching her organs. 

In this high fantasy world, there is membrane between the world of the living and world of the dead. It's thin and a few people that can cross it, like Della and her uncle. They can leave their bodies behind and fly around like ghosts, invisible to the ordinary people and stop aging. There is when the troubles, starts. One day she senses a strange creature in the absence and almost gets trapped by it. When escaping she takes something from her and her leg heal. But the creature is not done. She and her uncle have to run and hide, but he doesn't make it.  Now left alone she is not sure who she can trust. It's only the start of very complex story. 

The story is set in a high fantasy world, which is very well developed and very interesting. 

My only complaint, the story is very dense and at times, it really slows down the flow of the story.
rating 💚💚💚
cover 💛💛💛
received from Author
Absence #1
high fantasy, paranormal
number of pages
April 1st, 2016

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