The Last Huntsman by Page Morgan

Every time I read a good fantasy book, I'm reminded why I love this genre. The ability of a single story to transform you into the entirely new world, with whole new rules, kingdomes & magic, it's truly amazing.

The story in The Last Huntsman is told from two perspectives, Huntsman's & Ever. Each living in different neighboring kingdoms. Huntsman serves the Empire of Morvansk, he does the emperor's bidding, killing his enemies as ordered. But when the Emperor wants him to kill the princess to provoke a war with a neighboring kingdom, he can't go through with it. On the run, he crosses the border and barely survives. 

Ever has very rare mirror magic. Because of it, she lost her mother and her father raises away from Emperor. To protect her, she is raised as a boy. One day she sees Huntsman in the mirror not far from her home, barely walking and decides to help him. 

The start of the story is a bit slow. I had trouble getting into it. A few chapters in, the story grabbed my interest & I was in love. :) The world, the setting, it's so well done. The story has a sense of mystery, especially with a dual perspective. When two worlds collide, mysteries intertwining, the story gets from good, to amazing. :)

I loved reading it, highly recommend to anyone who likes high fantasy & loosely based retellings. :)
rating 💚💚💚💚💚
cover 💛💛💛
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fantasy, ya, retelling
September 9th, 2019
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