Anything Between Us by Mila Ferrera/Sarah Fine

it's the story of two people who are broken in their own way, finding each other and healing together.

Sarah makes and teaches pottery by day and takes care of her father with the early onset of Alzheimer's rest of the time. There is not much to her life except for work and caring for her father. She allows herself once a year to go out and go wild. Mindless sex with no string attached. On that night she runs into Nate. What is supposed to be one night only, is slowly turning into something more.

Nate quit the military after a traumatic event in which he lost friends and still dealing with emotional trauma. He refuses help, pretending he is fire to family, but after a close call he has to promise Sarah to go to therapy. Reluctant at first, it helps him get on his feet.

They are both in a very difficult situation. Through the story, we see the struggle, the pain, the cost of disease on loved ones, but also growth and healing. While the ending was not perfect, it was perfect for Sarah and Noah. :)

rating 💚💚💚💚
cover 💛💛
received from Xpresso Book Tours
romance, contemporary
Starving Artists, #3 (standalone story)
July 31st, 2019
number of pages

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