Antabar: Legacy of the Blood Guard by Anne Dolleri

It's been a while since a read a high fantasy book and a very good one at that. So I was very excited to start Antabar. From the start, you re right in the middle of the story, no unnecessary world-building. The storyline and the worlds slowly unveil as the story progresses. I was pulled right in. I love the complexity and setting very much. It' the kind of story it's hard to put down.  The world-building is very good, and the writing - top-notch. It read like classic fantasy, but better. :) 

 It's a massive story, set in a very interesting fantasy world. One of my favorite things about it was the setting, very well developed and intricate. When reading the story, I felt like I was there, seeing what characters were seeing and going on an adventure right along.
rating 💚💚💚💚
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September 14th, 2019
high fantasy


Zessalon's war with the Northern Kingdom has ended, their enemy once more defeated. But Nareth—ruthless Samerier warrior and half-brother to the Southern king—can find no rest behind the battered walls of the Golden City. Craving unity after centuries of bloodshed, he rides north to initiate peace talks with his kingdom's lifelong enemies. There, he discovers the Northerners’ hatred of him and his people runs far deeper than he suspected. In the dark alleys of Anbatar, Nareth encounters a fierce enemy, turning his quest into a battle of life and death.

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