Zinnia by Christina Bauer

It's out of the norm for me to read more than one book in the series, especially if it's one of my favorites and it's very, very rare I read any of the books/ series set in the same world. There is a reason for that. Most of these stories just aren't as good.

Well, there is an exception to every rule. The entire Angelbound world is the perfect example. Not only I adore the original series (there isn' a book in that series that I don't' love), I'm loving the Angelbound Offspring series as well. :)

Zinnia is very unique, very intense, and very, very good. :) I love the writing, the storyline, the characters, .... you just have to read it! :)

Zinnia is furor dragon, shapeshifter, and a princess. she discovered her magic through the music, with her best friend.

One day they are attacked with a strong weapon and in order to protect those she loves, she surrenders herself.

In captivitiy, her memories are erased. She is kept on Earth, in a dessert, convinced she is the last Furor and will participate in the ceremony on her birthday and die.

Few days before that, she hears music and the music awakens something in her, brings back a few snippets of her old life, just enough so she can escape. Even without her memories, she is strong, follows her instincts and tries to tray on her own. Now outside of captivity, she travels with a musician she heard. Working on remembering before her time is up.

It's one of those books that pulls you in and you just have to finish it. She plotline is swift and keeps you on your toes all along. I read in one sitting and was blown away...
rating 💚💚💚💚💚
cover 💛💛💛

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Angelbound Offspring #3
fantasy, ya
July 30th, 2019 by Monster House Books
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As the last dragon shifter, I live alone, hiding in one of Earth’s sacred deserts. My human handlers tell me that I have no parents, no name, and no purpose other than to train for battle and one day become a vessel for the reincarnation of Chimera, the greatest dragon shifter of all. Sadly, Chimera’s rebirth will mean my own death. But my handlers say this sacrifice is a noble fate that will rebuild the dragon shifter world.
I shall die on my seventeenth birthday. That’s five days from now.
Then I hear music thumping across the desert. I take my mortal form, follow the sound, and find humans dancing in what they call a rave. There is a stage and a rock band. One thing quickly becomes clear: Unlike the audience, the musicians are dragon shifters, just like me. And one of them, the guitar player Rhodes, makes my knees turn watery. The lead singer, Kaps, has something strangely familiar about her.
It all adds up to one conclusion: My handlers lied to me. I’m not the last of my kind. Memories reappear. I had parents once. Portia and Tempest. I even had a name. Zinnia. Perhaps I have a reason to live as well. I step past the dancing humans to confront the players.
I will find out the full truth, no matter what.

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  1. This sounds really different and exciting from start to finish! Great review! :)

  2. That thank you is from me, Christina Bauer. Not sure why it's showing as unknown :)

    1. Blogger is funky like that. :) You are very welcome ... I adore all you write :)


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