Once Upon a Death by Dzintra Sullivan

What happens when Death decides to retire? Kaah has been a reaper his entire existence. His life consisted of turning into a skeleton at night and collecting souls. Now he wants to retire and enjoy his days in the suburbs. He and his hobgoblin assistant move to a house in Deadend. For a being that never lived with human adjusting is hard. He has to learn to talk to people, how to drive a car and even how to order food.

However, death is never far away. :) When a dead body is dropped by his feet, he has a hard time staying away and is sucked in by the mystery.

It's such a fun read, there was something to lol on almost every page. It's a joy to read, there is a mystery, paranormal stuff, it's funny and the characters are great. :)

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received from Silver Dagger Tours
Days of Death Series Book 1
cozy mystery
June 22nd, 2019



I never chose death—death chose me.
Now I choose change.

Kaah Maah had been the reaper for over a millennia. The mundane repetition of collecting souls night after night from an ever-increasing population was beginning to grind on him. Kaah had witnessed an ocean of unique faces, all confronted with their final moments on earth. Though different in appearance they all showed one final emotion—fear.

Kaah wanted a change. He craved quiet serenity, where he could perfect his yoga poses while listening to his favorite singer Michael Bublรจ. Kaah wanted nothing more than to retire and become a ‘no one special’ in a ‘nowhere special’ town.

When strange things began happening in Deadend, Ohio, the question had to be asked.

You might be able to take the reaper away from death, but can you ever actually take death away from the reaper?

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