Code Revelation by Boris Sanders

Author Boris Sanders
Title Code Revelation
Series The Emporion Chronicles #1
Genre sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia
Number of pages 200
Published January 2019 

Received from the Author 



Rating 💚💚💚💚

Cover 💛💛💛💛💛


Introverted computer scientist Maximilian Gutenberg had no intention of acquiring a crystal with a being trapped inside, especially not one with the power to save — or destroy — humanity. 

Her name is Lucy, and she cannot escape her prison until her mission is complete. A mission she keeps secret from everyone, even Max.

But she needs his help.

To gain his trust, she offers to get rid of his abusive boss in one week and get him that promotion he always wanted. She’ll make him the hero of his own life, a man worthy of recognition, in exchange for helping her complete her mission.

This could be the opportunity of Max’s life, but he can’t help but wonder if Lucy is as good as she seems… And exactly what mission she must complete to regain her freedom.

Set in a dystopian, futuristic city built miles into the sky, “CODE: Revelation” is a powerful, psychological thrill ride that calls into question the nature of good and evil, and the importance of taking control of your own destiny.


Max is a computer scientist working hard all day for his abusive boss. When buying a gift for his girlfriends he gets a box with it. But it's not just a regular box, in it hides a being called Lucy. She needs his help in order to escape and is willing to help him first, to prove her powers. 

She fashions an elaborate plan to get rid of his boss and get him an amazing job and make his a hero in the process. 

Max looks forward to what the plan will bring him but is not prepared for the collateral damage that comes with it.

My favorite part of the book was the setting. Max lives in a dystopian future city that is built so high in the sky that most people see an artificial sky when looking up.

It's a very complex story, with lots of twist and turns...

Happy reading,



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