March Favourites

March was a very good reading month, I've read 22 books and found a few books what are new favorites. :)

It's such an amazing feeling going blind into a book and being blown away by its sheer awesomeness. :)

This is what happened when I read The Devil's Own by K. A. Fox and  The Lady Raven: A Dark Cinderella Tale by Rebecca Henry. 

I love angels and demons, so anything urban fantasy-ish, that is remotely related to that - and I LOVED it. The Devil's Own has it all, demons, the devil, and a whole lot of action. It's so goood.

Ever since I got hooked by Lunar Chronicles I'm very into fairy tale retellings. The Lady Raven is a very different take on the classic story - a lot darker and magical and very awesome. :)

I very rarely read prequels or short stories that accompany series. But reading Scythe and now Umbra by Christina Bauer, I'm thinking that I should do that more often. Can't wait to start it! I have a bit of a back story to the two main characters and am no so hyped up for the series. I feel like I got a bit of the inside knowledge to the story LOL :).

I read this amazing high-fantasy story: Beware of the Night by Jessika Fleck. It's one of those stories that stick with you. Ever since I finished it, it's in my thoughts - that's the sign of an amazing book. :)

Last year I haven't finished a single series. This year I managed to finish quite a few. :) Last one was Off The Grid by Kay Marie, the third one in the series To Catch a Thief #3. It's the last one & the best one IMO. :) 

And I finally finished the second book in The Raven Cycle The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. I'm seriously loving this series, and because of that, I just want to take my time, at snail pace. :)

After reading First to Fall by Alexa Whitewolf in February I got really into Romanian mythology. And I loved and totally into it now. :) Even though the mythology is very similar to where I come from, I never read about it beforehand. Prince Of Midnight by Ana Calin was the perfect book for me. It's about Dracula's brother and set in Romania, full of folklore and magic. Just great. :)

I re-read just one book a past month: Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. One my all time favorites... Every time I read it I just fall back in love, with the story, Katy and Deamon and writing ... I mean, Jennifer L. Armentrout is a magician with words Every book I've read by her, it's just un-put-down-able. :)

What was your favorite book last month?

Happy reading,
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