Kill Code by Clive Fleury

Author Clive Fleury
Title Kill Code
Genre dystopia, sci-fi
Number of pages 220
Published December 5th, 2018 by TCK Publishing

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Rating 💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛💛


It's the year 2031. Our future. Their present. A world decimated by climate catastrophe, where the sun's heat is deadly and the ocean rises higher every day. A world ruled by the rich, powerful, and corrupt. A world where a good man can't survive for long.
Hogan Duran was a good man once. He was a cop, forced to resign in disgrace when he couldn't save his partner from a bullet. Now Hogan lives on the fraying edges of society, serving cruel masters and scavenging trash dumps just to survive.
But after four years of living in poverty, Hogan finally gets a chance to get back on his feet. He's invited to join the National Security Council, the powerful paramilitary organization responsible for protecting the rich and powerful from the more unsavory elements of society. All he needs to do is pass their deadly entrance exam, and he'll be rewarded with wealth and opportunity beyond his wildest dreams. 
But this ex-cop's path to redemption won't be easy. The NSC is hiding something, and as Hogan descends deeper and deeper into their world, he starts to uncover the terrible truth of how the powerful in this new world maintain their power...and just how far they will go to protect their secrets. 
In a world gone wrong, can one man actually make a difference, or will he die trying?


This is the kind of story everyone should read. Global warming is a real thread, a fight we probably already lost, but it such a huge deal, it's hard to visualize. Books like Kill Code can bring such things, as rising temperature and water level rising, to life.  In the future, where the world is plagued by the changes, Hogan barely makes a living. After an accident, that put his partner on a wheelchair and gave him nightmares, they are barely getting by in the harsh world. When he gets a chance to join NSC (national security council), it feels like a new chance in life. But it would be that easy because all is not as it seems.

I like the premise of the book and the message of it. While the storyline is intriguing, I wasn't the biggest fan of writing style - it was a bit choppy at times, I missed the flow. Some concepts were a bit ... far fetched. However, despite all that, something kept me reading. :) 

Happy reading,