The Sweetest Match by Abby Tyler

Author Abby Tyler 
Title The Sweetest Match
Genre adult, romance
Number of pages 202
Published March 7th, 2019

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛

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She hid secret messages in frosting, thinking no one would notice.
Abby Tyler welcomes you to the witty, well-meaning busybodies of Applebottom, Missouri, where the community takes its pies — and its matchmaking — very seriously.
Sandy Miller became an outcast at fifteen years old. Pregnant, confused, and blackmailed into silence, she spent eighteen years raising her son away from the disapproving stares of her hometown.
But Caden has left for college, and Sandy needs a job. When Applebottom’s tea shop owner sees Sandy’s decorating sketches, she hires her instantly in hopes of putting her little bakery on the map.
And then the town starts spotting secret words of love and longing on her cakes.
Andrew McCallister is the first to admit that he never got over Sandy Miller. In high school, another boy swooped in and snatched her right up. Everything that happened afterward filled him with regret. The town’s censure. His failure to check on her. Her struggle.
But now she’s back.
When the town summons the pair to a meeting to plan the school’s centennial bash, Andrew and Sandy discover they are the only two members of the committee. As they attempt to rekindle the long-lost flame, they realize the community must come together for more than an anniversary party. For their new relationship to flourish, the old guard must learn to support their most vulnerable members even when times get hard.

Abby Tyler is the new small-town romance pen name of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight.


The Sweetest Match is a very sweet story of love, disappointments and second chances, one of those books that just make you feel good.

Sandy has lived secluded, basically cast out of the city, quietly raising her son. Now that he is in college, she got a job decorating cakes. She is very good at her job, being an artist helps a lot. Slowly coming out of her shell, she is still very lonely and puts secret messages in the frosting. People in town notice and play matchmaker to get her back with her old love.

I enjoyed reading it very much. :)

Happy reading,

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