The Love That Heals Me

Author H. J. Marshall
Title The Love That Heals Me
Series Forever Mine #2
Genre romance
Number of pages 207
Published November 6th, 2018

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛

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You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart. 
Caroline Johnson has lived for years with the heartbreak of being told she wasn’t enough by her one true love. Having met her soulmate in middle school, she had her entire future planned out. When her first and only love abandons her, disappearing from her life without a trace, she stands a broken shell of her former self. Caroline has finally decided to move past the heartbreak of losing Andrew and has promised herself she would look for love again, her broken heart has found a purpose to beat again. Her own happiness. Andrew Sheppard ran from Caroline when life became too difficult to handle. Faced with a reality spinning out of control, he did the one thing he thought would save her from a lifetime of regret, he lied to her and disappeared for years. Thinking of her often, he lives his bachelor lifestyle, trying and failing, to put the memory of her to rest. Fate has other plans for the two separated lovers when it puts them back into each other’s lives in a rare stroke of destiny. They must now navigate the uncertain waters of buried lies, secrets, and regret from the past. 
Will the lies of the past come back to haunt them, destroying their chance at forever? Caroline must now decide it the history is repeating itself or if her fears are making her sabotage her one chance at true happiness.


I started reading the series out of order, first the third  (which I loved), then first (didn't like) and I just finished the 2nd one- which I liked. :) Reading it out of order gave me a new perspective, as to how much the author grew. From robotic dialog and way too much explanation, each book grows and gets a lot better. There is still too many dialogs, that are more exposition than people talking, but not so much as to hanker the flow of the story. 

We follow the story of Caroline and Andrew. There were childhood friends, turned boyfriend/ girlfriends until Andrew finished it off. His sister just got hurt and he blamed himself, so when they moved away, it was easier for him to break it off, than to face the truth. 

After all those years they are thrown together, when Caroline and Josh come to his Gym, to form a business deal. There are quite a lot of bums on the road to HEA. :) I like reading the story, especially glimpses of Josh and Emily. :)

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