Hard Time by Erec Stebbins

Author Erec Stebbins
Title Hard Time
Genre sci-fi, 
Number of pages 370
Published February 6th, 2019 by Twice Pi Press

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛💛💛

Received from the Author


A harsh and punishing world. Synths, Trunes, and the remnants of humanity battle each other and an unforgiving landscape. Survival is the meaning of life.
The Complete Hard Time Series: A speculative fiction serial of adventure novellas. This omnibus contains all six books that complete the saga: Metal, Longhorn, Cult, Trune, Synth, and Deity.

Book 1, METAL: a woman finds herself in two different worlds, as two different people. In one she is a criminal, sentenced to a new and terrible punishment. In the other, she is a stranger and then a prophet, granted the visions of God.

Book 2, LONGHORN: a man awakes in a terrifying landscape without shelter, explanation, or memory. Join him as he searches for answers and struggles to survive. Find out if life and knowledge of his past are truly worth the price.

Book 3, CULT: missionaries arrive on a holy quest to fulfill their scriptures. But the desert has other plans. Will they escape with their faith, or even their lives, intact?

Book 4, TRUNE: a long awaited arrival bursts into the world, slaughtering all that stand in her way. As characters from previous novels reappear and unify, will they survive to understand their greater destiny?

Book 5, SYNTH: an ancient guardian faces a foe that could destroy them all. Can the last remnants of humanity escape the terrible wrath pursuing them from the past?

Book 6, DEITY: an entity guides a motley crew of creatures toward a new beginning in a planet's last gasp at life.


My favorite thing about the book was the format. It's a collection of 6 novellas, each telling a different story, but somehow they fit together to tell one hell of a story. 

Hard time reads like classic sci-fi, full of twists. Stories are each interesting in their own way, pieces somehow fitting together. In the start of the book I had trouble connecting to the story, but the more I read, the more I started to like it. :)

It's an intriguing story, a bit dark and very unique. 

Happy reading,

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