The Far Sighted T. E. Mark

Author T. E. Mark
Title The Far Sighted
Number of pages 265
Genre sci-fi, fantasy, short stories
Published September 26th, 2018

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛💛

Received from Author

I love reading long books and series with multiple books. That being said, I strangely loved reading short stories. It's not the format I reach for ofter (I think I've read maybe one, or two before The Far Sighted), however, I've to recognize that it is special in its own right. 

The Far Sighted is a collection of five short stories, each very different, covering a wide range of topics, from brain manipulation to time travel and aliens. Each story it's special and they differ a lot from each other. I liked the writing style, it has a very nice flow to it. 

My favorite was the first one and the last one is the collection. Be Careful of What You Wish For, where a very wealthy and very successful man pays for his girlfriend to receive cutting end brain mapping, to make her more like him. The trouble arises when he gets just what he wanted. And Five Years From Yesterday, where humanity is building a shield to protect Earth from dangerous radiation from a nearby supernova.

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