Favourite love stories

I love celebrating holidays, they bring a certain spice to the passing of the days. Valentine's day is a very special one - a celebration of love. It's the day we remember the people we love and what love is all about.

Love is such a strange emotion. It sneaks up on you, unexpectedly when you least expected and shifts your world. When you fall in love (the real kind), it's not just surface change, it changes the fundamentals that makeup who you are. The way you look at things and the meaning you assign to everyday life. It makes you think about the way you live, you want to be better, do better. We want to love and be loved back, to belong to someone. And there are so many forms, that are so very different yet the same in it's the essence. It's one of those basic things we need, as much we need air to breathe, food to ear, we need to love, someone, something.

Books are one of those loves for me. Here are some books with my favorite love stories (whether love is a whole story or just a part of it).

What is your favorite love story in books?

Lot's of love,
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