Books I loved in January

January has been a great reading month for me. I've read some amazing books and re-read favorites.  I've finished 20 books, but most importantly I feel like I fall back in love with reading. It's my favourite time of day, sitting down with a cup a coffee and a book. I love the feeling of immersing myself into a different world, different person, different adventure with every new story. 

Here are the best five books I've read past month:

This one is so good, equal part creepy & magical.

Dystopia-ish dark urban fantasy. Vampires taking over, hybrids with superpowers fighting back. So addicting.

Superhero origin story. So very good. :)

One of my all-time favorite. Angels & dystopia. Just perfect. 💚

Art thief & pastry chef on a run. Soo fun. :)

What was your favourite book in January?



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