Seven Things Not to do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You by Megan O'Russell

Author Megan O'Russell
Title Seven Things Not to do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You
Series The Tale of Bryant Adams #2
Genre magic, ya, urban fantasy

Received from Author

Rating 💚💚💚💚

Seven Things Not to do When Everyone's Trying to Kill You is such a good story. It's the second book in The Tale of Bryant Adams series (first being How I Magically Messed up my Entire Life in Four Freakin' Days).  All elements that made the first one great are present in this one too, just amplified. :) The start is a bit slow, it takes a while for the action to start, however after few chapters it gets it's mojo back and the story gets better and more intense till the end. It's more fun,  more action, more family drama and a lot more at stake.

Few months before, when Bryant started to use magic, few of his spells didn't go so well. There was a lot of damage, especially for wildlife. There are mutated squirrels and rats and all kind of nasties. :)  Now Eric, his magical mentor is making him clean up his mistakes. It's like quite before the storm before he has to face the ladies. He tries to learn as much magic as he can, but it is hard to do while still in high school and having a curfew, not mentioning that his mom is no the biggest fan of anything magic. 

The story is very gripping, I was pulled right in and in no time I was totally absorbed in the book. There is such a realness to the story. Characters are very fleshed out and fell so real, you can feel their age - they are young, scared, acting brave and making mistakes along the way. I felt like I was right there, walking the streets of New York and Central Park,  joining in on adventures. 

It's one of those series, that is great for binge reading. :)

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