Black Bullet by L. D. Rose

Author L. D. Rose
Title Black Bullet
Series The Order of the Senary #2
Genre paranormal, vampires, romance, dark fantasy, urban fantasy
Number of pages 293
Published November 9th, 2016 by Soul Mate Publishing

Received from Author


Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛

Black Bullet is the second book in The Order of the Senary series and tells Jon's story.

Jon was a special FBI agent before he dies and got turned into a vampire. His fellow brothers saved him, however, there is still a monster inside of him, fighting him all the time for control.

When he went against his enemy, he stumbled across Lawan, they have a common enemy. The same vampire who killed Jon tortured Lawan. She is a hybrid but lives alone. She uses alcohol to escape her past. Her only goal is to kill those who made her life a living hell.

Jon likes her from the start, however, she pushes him away at every turn. There is no insta love-their love takes a while. :) But is a good one. :)

Jon is my favorite Knight so far. He is bad-ass to the bone and hilarious, but also full of self-doubt. You just gotta love him.

I've been loving this series so much, it's a total page-turner and very dark. The world they live in is full of dangers and very well built. Characters and full of flaws, with dark past, but have a lot of good qualities. And writing... so addicting. :)

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