Favourite Re-Reads

The perfect way to spend Christmas Eve: curled up with favorite book(s), coffee and Christmas lights in every corner of the house... The books I reach for are usually the ones I loved, the ones I've read multiple times and come back to often. It's the of the year to get your nose stuck in the book. :) 

Here are books and/or series that I loved to read time and time again:

Since I discovered it, I get this urge to re-read it every few months. It's one of those series that you can binge read and speed through in no time. Also... it's amazing. :)

One of my favorites. Every time I pick it up I get pulled into the story. It's such a great series with all 3 equally amazing books.

One of those books that I love no matter how many times I re-read it. No matter how many times and when I read I always find something new, new aspect, new detail I missed before. One I start, I gotta read them all. :)It's gotten a bit of a bad rep lately, let's just say I pretend that there are only OG 7 books in the HP world. :)

My favorite thing in the Obsidian are dialogs between lead characters, the snark, the insults - I love it.!

One of those books that have a very special place in my heart. I go back to it every time I'm in a mood for fantasy and kick-ass females. :)

One of the most beautiful love stories ever...

Such a great series and books just get better as the series progresses and they are fairytale retellings. :)

These are just a few of the books. I'm a big fan of getting back into the book I liked, It's like getting a hug from a long lost friend. Do you like to re-read?

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy Monday to those who don't,


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