Scythe by Christina Bauer

Author Christina Bauer
Title Scythe
Series Dimension Drift Worlds, #1
Published April 24th, 2018 by Monster House Books LLC
Genre dystopia, fantasy, ya
Number of pages 140

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Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Cover 💛💛💛💛


“Fans of A Wrinkle in Time can’t missDimension Drift!” – Christina Trevaskis, The Book Matchmaker

Truth time. I go to a Learning Squirrel High School. Don’t judge. On second thought, judge away. Learning Squirrel is one step above attending class in a junkyard. But what do you expect? Everything’s made out of garbage these days. At least, I have my freelance work to keep Mom and me housed, clothed, and fed. How? I’m your regular high school science geek for hire, except my work manipulates space-time. The good news is that these gigs pay really well; the bad news is that the government likes to kill people like me. Whatever. I’m not worried; hiding from their detection systems is easy for me. Then I screw up one of my illegal projects. Badly.

In fact, things go so sideways that my house slips into two-dimensional space-time. The shift only lasts for a few seconds, but that’s long enough to set off a dozen government alarms. If those goons track me down, Mom and I are as good as dead. Long story short, I need to pay someone off, hide the evidence, and keep us safe.

Unfortunately, that means asking the Scythe for help. He runs the local underground crime scene and has absolutely no conscience…Or at least, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. It’s hard to think straight when a guy’s that hot in an ‘evil Mafioso kingpin’ kind of way. Most importantly, the Scythe is a crime lord who can conceal my slip-up with a few clicks on his minion’s computer keyboards. But the man has his price. In this case, the Scythe wants me to finish a certain dimensional prototype for him in twenty-four hours. I can do it, but it might mean Learning Squirrel High gets blown up in the process. Oh yes, and there’s also my new hot classmate who may or may not be an alien…and he says he’ll do anything to help me.

This job won’t be easy, but I’ve gotten out of worse scrapes. Maybe.


OMG, this was absolutely amazing! I got so into it from the start and couldn't believe how fast it ended. And it's only a prequel 😲, this series is going to be amazing. :)

Meimi's mom is catatonic almost all the time, ever since her sister left. The world she lives on is a dangerous one, the sick are not tolerated, so she takes care of her and hides her from the government. Meimi is a genius, she works on high tech gadgets and sells them to... bad people. She goes to high school sometimes too. :) Until one time, when her latest freelance job goes horribly wrong and everything goes to hell.

Meimi is such an amazing character, she is bad-ass, brilliant and very snarky. :) And the setting, the world described is very dark, technically very advanced and very interesting. And the is all this amazing sciency stuff and aliens and a lot of mystery. :) It sounds very interesting and I look forward to more to come.

Happy reading,



  1. Great review, Anie! This sounds like such an amazing read, and Meimi sounds like a really likeable, awesome main character! Glad you liked it! :)


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