#favourite books and/or series with Elemental Magic

I love magic in books in any shape of form, especially if there is Fae 😃. Lately I've been reading few book with elemental powers and it got me thinking how many of these I liked and  loved. Here are few of my favourites...

Elemental Origins series 

I loves the series, books just get better as the series progresses. Each book follows different girl, as she discovers her unique powers. 

Vampire Academy 

I binge read entire series in few days, it’s extremely addictive and entertaining. :) There are two different types of vampire in this world: Moroi (they are born vampire) and Strigoi (they are maid). Moroi have elemental powers over fire, earth, air, water or spirit. 

Covenant series

Interesting mix of elemental powers & Greek mythology, with amazing *will glue you to the pages till the end* kind of writing. :)

Koven chronicles

Urban fantasy-ish world with incredible magical system. Every fourth child born into the family has magical powers and called Arete. Koven chronicles is series about Fire Impender. (There are other series in the same world too :))


Relentless is amazing story about Mohiri (immortal vampire hunters), Sara and Nikolas, werewolves and trolls and it's all around awesomeness. :) (it's too spoilery to say, but she is part Mohiri, part human and part something else that is elemental in origin :D )


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