When They Came by Kody Boye

Rating 💚💚💚
Author Kody Boye
Title When They Came
Series When They Came #1
Genre ya, aliens, dystopia
Number of pages 313
Published April 3rd 2017
Cover 💛💛💛💛💛


Received from Xpresso Book Tours

Dystopia is one of my favourite genre all across, so I had very high expectation going into the book. For me to fully enjoyed the story, it has to have certain element of realness to it, that *it-could-really-happen* vibe. And When They Came certainly has that.

Few years ago They came. But They didn’t come peacefully. It’s was more like the worse nightmare coming true. First they sent creatures similar to coyotes, that look around for people and then harvesters come, with ships.
People have resorted to live in small compounds, one of those is Fort Hope. When kids reach age of 17, the have to pick a job. Ana Mia pick to be Night Guard, protecting compound from Coyotes. One her first mission outside of the compound, she gets bitten. She luckily survives, but she starts to change.

It’s thrilling story, with very interesting story line. On the other side I didn’t like any of the dialog, they were too repetitive and the pace was a bit off. I wish there was more world building.

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