The Truth Hunters by Emilia Zeeland

Rating 💚💚💚💚💚
Author Emilia Zeeland
Title The Truth Hunters
Series STAR Academy #2
Number of pages 484
Published May 26th 2018
Genre space, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, ya, romance, sci-fi, aliens
Cover 💛💛💛💛


Received from Author in exchange for honest review

Story pick up almost right after the first one and it left me feeling so frustrated (in a good way :)) There are many changes and STAR Academy is not what is was. It’s more like a military base. Their actions in the first story and what they discovered, have mayor consequences. Yalena is very crushed at first and it takes her a long time take her new role or at least forget her former one.

Even though she tries, her leadership and intelligence shine through her every action, even when she is no longer on that position. I love the way she thinks and take charge of the events. She is so amazing. :) My favourite part again is Yalena and Eric's friendship. They work so well together.

Yalena learns about her heritage, where she came from and what lead up to her being found in space. I love the way it bounds everything together. However there is still a lot unknown and it makes me want to to read the third one like... NOW. :)

It's such an amazing series, there aliens, space travel, space station, illegal experiments, genetics, deception, friendship, love, boarding school in space-it's AMAZING :)

Highly recommend it!

Happy reading,



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