Running toward Illumia by Angel Leya

Author Angel Leya
Title Running Toward Illumia
Published March 30th 2018
Genre magic, fae, romance, ya, magic
Cover 💛💛 💛


Received from NetGalley

It's one of those books, that take few chapters to pull you in, but when they do you are hooked. :)

First of all, the setting is amazing. I love that there is not a lot info dumping from the start. Astrea lives with her family in part of the country, where people are banned for whatever reason. Her live is fairly sheltered. Life gets a lot harder, when there is very little animals left to catch and famine is raging. She is a lead huntress and one day on a hunt she stumbles on a Unicode. They are magic and whoever eats o kills them, is cursed. She is desperate, but unable to kill him, so she decides to just capture him and let the village decides what to do. That night, after some pretty big revelations, she makes a way out of there, with unicorn in tow. :)

One the road out toward Illumia, they are joined by another elf, whose intents are not clear. Road is full of adventure and uncertainty as well as self discovery.

I love the way, we slowly discover the world with Astrea. And the world described is full of magic and magical creatures.

I wish the book was a bit longer and it didn't end when the story got really interesting. :) Time for a book number two. :)

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