Texting Prince Charming by Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer || Cover reveal

Title Texting Prince Charming
Series Prince Charming Series Book One
Authors Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer
Genre ya, conteporary, romance
Published 29th May 2018 by Omnific (Simon and Schuster Partner) 
Number of pages 235


I'm so excited to be part of the cover reveal. I had the pleasure of reading ARC of the book and I loved it. :) (review to come soon). Great cover for a great book. :)


Is this your Prince Charming?

After a tragic accident leaves Shelby Ryan permanently injured, she gives up all hope in happily-ever-afters. Shelby puts on a brave face while hiding her pain, but once she returns to school, everything changes. She starts receiving anonymous corny messages from a mysterious Prince Charming, and her nemesis, basketball star and bad boy, Sebastian, shows sudden interest in her.

Hilarity ensues as Shelby tries to uncover Prince Charming's real identity and come to terms with her true feelings for the last boy on Earth she ever thought she'd fall for: Sebastian Freaking Birch.
Will she be able to cope with the allure of the texting prince, or will Sebastian be the real-life prince in Shelby's fairytale?

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