Cross by D.A.Roach

Rating 💚💚💚
Author D.A. Roach
Title Cross
Number of pages 190
Published January 6th 2018
Genre fantasy, ya


Received from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for honest review


Ray Cross wasn’t a hero; he could die too easily. But some things are worth risking death... 

Ray Cross was born with a genetic disorder, resulting in a fragile body; his organs and blood vessels will rupture with any hard impact, so standing up to his best friend's controlling boyfriend could kill him. Ray's life in Midland, MI gets decimated when his parents reveal they are not his real parents and his real father, a king from a secret land hidden in the far north of Canada, is dying and wishes to meet his son. With his doctor and newly-met twin, Ray travels to the forgotten village of Yardis, where magic, myth, and corruption are abundant. But the longer Ray stays in the village learning the truth of his past and reconnecting with his father, King Vintras, the more he discovers an evil force threatening the king and his village. But there’s more than the king and a village tied to Yardis and Ray. He finds friendship and more from a band of brothers who are part witch, dragon, and healer. With new alliances and new abilities, Ray wars with himself on playing it safe or risking it all to save the ones he loves. 

Can Ray rise above his fragile disorder to become the hero for once in his life?


Ray has already hard life, living with a disease like that is never easy. But he doesn't let it stop him for doing what is right for his friend.

One day his entire life changes, he find out that the parents he loves all his life aren't really his. His real dad is dying and wants to meet him. He sets out on journey full of mysteries, discovering who he is and where he came from.

I like the plot line and the story, but had hard time connecting to the story. It's not the books faults, it wasn't the right book for me, the chemistry wasn't there.

Happy reading,



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