Animal Graph by M. Black and Ami Blackwelder

Rating 💚 💚 💚
Author M. Black and Ami Blackwelder
Title Animal Graph
Series Graph World #1
Genre dystopia, sci-fi, ya
Number of pages 157
Published February 2018


Received from Bewitching Book Tours

The story is set in future, where after horrible war and several nuclear bombs the worlds is a lot different than today. With most of the people and animal dead and some survivors affected by the radiation. Son of former dictator is determined to concur the world. He is developing new soldiers, putting animal DNA, cells into prisoners, making the hybrids with incredible powers.

Jin was one of those prisoners. She was caught stealing the bread for her brother and put in jail for a year. After she was graphed, she escaped and is trying to survive in jungle.

The start of the book is a bit rough. There is a lot of info dump - history of the worlds, her life before, life in prison, (that was totally necessary, for reader to understand the story) but it that gets in a way of the flow. I took me few chapters to really get into the story.

It’s very interesting story, but I was missing something, more depth maybe.

Happy reading,



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