The Royal Companion by Tanya Bird

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Tanya Bird
Title The Royal Companion
Series The Companion #1
Published March 22nd 2017
Genre high-fantasy, romance


Set in high-fantasy world, where noble men can buy women as companion, use them for as long as they please and the resell them, we follow story Aldara. Aldara was sold by her mother to the prince, next in line for the throne. He bought her as a gift for his brother, who was busy fighting in a war.

Aldara has a great character and it doesn't come easy for her to fall in line with what she is suppose to be. She struggles a lot with her role, but somehow still manages to stay true to herself in small way. Her voice wasn't always clear, though. She was like two very different people at times, rebellious with a back bone or totally compliant.

Tyron was very reluctant to take as a companion. They very slowly build friendship and after tragic event, that grows into something more like a relationship.

I love reading about their dynamics, it wasn't that much of a sex exchange, but acted like a real couple. It's very interesting to read about entirely different world, even if the dynamics are hard to swallow. It's basically a love story, that is set in very difficult world and time.

It made me think a lot about feminism and gender equality. OK, I have to admit, that there were some eye-rolling moments, but for the most parts, I enjoyed reading it.

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