Preordained by David L. Wallace

Rating 💚💚💚 
Author David L Wallace
Title Preordained
Genre mystery
Number of pages 385
Published April 13th 2018


Received from Bewitching Book Tours


Art Somers is a detective in close-knit Murrell's Inlet, S.C., a small-town, coastal community with deeply held spiritual and supernatural belief systems. A serial killer has shattered his peaceful existence by abducting multiple twelve-year-old boys within his county. Young thugs, backwater drug dealers and the occasional murderer are the most Art’s had to deal with, but now he must apprehend a predator who FBI profilers can’t find.

He discovers he has a tie by blood to the case and uncovers evidence that calls into question his long held spiritual and supernatural beliefs. Abraham, the father of faith, had to choose to either sacrifice his son or disobey a direct order from God. Art must now make a choice - sacrifice his soul to save his son.


Preordained is a mystery novel with supernatural twist to it. There is a serial killer, gruesomely killing 12 year old boys. 

I love the mystery of it, slowly uncovering what was going on and all the pieces slowly fitting together, it kept me reading all night long. :) Best part was the supernatural aspect of it. I loved the way it was woven into the story. What I didn't like was the romance, especially his fiance, she was just... something else. :) 

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