Hocking Hills by Doreen McMillan

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Doreen McMillan
Title Hocking Hills
Published March 15th 2018
Genre mystery, romance

Received from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for honest review


For eighteen-year-old Emily Barnes, feeling as if she did not belong was something she had grown accustomed to. That’s why it was easy for her to make the decision to go to Hocking Hills with barely enough money in her pocket after receiving the original copy of her birth certificate.

While on her quest to find answers, she meets deputy Dylan McKenna whose gorgeous—but watchful—dark blue eyes makes her regret an act of theft she foolishly commits. Emily can’t seem to fight the attraction even though he is completely wrong for her…or rather, she is completely wrong for him. 

But when Emily soon discovers that she has inherited an unusual ability, her search for answers becomes abundantly clear. There is someone in Hocking County who wants something Emily has. Something so rare they’re willing to kill for it…


I like reading mystery books from time to time. And from what I’ve read, the stories usually go two ways, either there is some amazing mystery, slowly revealed, keeping me glued to page, or I’m at total loss what is even going on.

This one is a bit of both :) First half of the book was 3 star story, I was lost at times and wasn’t sure what was even the plot. However, I still wanted to figure out what was happening. Now the other half is the total opposite. Full on 5 stars.:) So despite the very slow start I ended up enjoying the book. :)

Emily was adopted as a baby and put back in the system when her adoptive mother dies. Now she is 18 and want to find the truth about her birth parents. She has one envelope she received on her birthday to go for. It leads her to the small town, where the truth will slowly trickled forward.

My favourite part was the supernatural aspect, I love reading about psychics and visions and anything in that lane. I have to say, I wished there was more about it, though.

The twists toward the end threw me completely and were totally unexpected. :) I loved how the story ended and on the other hand I wanted the for the book to be a bit longer. :)

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