Harshville by Olivia Wildenstein

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Olivia Wildenstein
Title Harshville
Genre contemporary, romance, music


*read on Swoonreads 

So I've recently tried new site Swoonreads and was pleasantly surprised. It just really good concept. You can read drafts of the books, comment whilst you're reading and make suggestions. It feels like you are part of the process. :)

I expected the books would be... well not good. I couldn't be more wrong. The first one I've read was Harshville and I totally loved it. :) The writing is amazing. I was pulled in totally from the first page. I love the story and he message. It's one of those stories that you think about time and time again.

So Harshville is a story of friendship, love, family, fame and secrets... so many secrets. Angie is in high school, she want to be a singer one day so when her favourite singer launches a singing competition she jumps at the chance, only her mother forbids her. :)

I absolutely love friendships in the story, the love the trust, it's just... so hearth warming. And what the characters are put through a lot...

Not all is at it seems, everyone is lying, and everyone has a secret. :)

Loved it and highly recommend it!

Happy reading,



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