The Unsound Theory by Emilia Zeeland

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Author Emilia Zeeland
Title The Unsound Theory
Series STAR Academy #1
Published January 27th 2018
Number of pages 251
Genre sci-fi

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I LOVE this book. It's one of THE best Sci-fi book I've read... like EVER. 

I mean, it has everything, humans living in space, cool technology, school on a space stations, and a lot of amazing stuff (that would be to spoilery to say) :)

Because of extreme weather people had to find other places to live, not knowing if Earth climate will ever stabilize, so they populated the Moon and Mars. People even life in space stations. Star Academy is the school for only the best and it is extremely exclusive, you can only get in by invitation, and it's in space station. How cool is that ? :)

Yalena doesn't care about space that much so she is very surprised upon receiving the invitation. It's too good to turn it down. In school she slowly learns about space and living on space station, she makes friends and stumbles on huge mystery, that has to be solved. But the solution may not be something anyone expected. 

I love reading the story, I was hooked from the very start and couldn't put in down till the end. And the ending, there is a lot unsolved, so second book is a must. :)

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