Liornabella by A. E. Outherbridge

Rating 💚💚💚💚
Author A. E. Outerbridge
Title Liornabella
Series The Viridian Chronicles #1
Published October 30th 2017
Number of pages 340
Genre high fantasy, ya, paranormal, vampires, magic


Received from Enchanted Book Tours

The world created in Liornabella in amazing. The author created diverse world, with very rich history, we are slowly discovering with lead character. The land is divided in four parts, there are universities in each land in former castles.  Elle was excepted to university, even though she is not noble or rich. She discovers, through old journals, that there is a lot more history to be discovered and it might be connected to her somehow. It's intriguing story set in world you want to live in. 

I love the first part of the story, it pulled me in right away, because of slight Harry Potter vibe. The second part I struggled with, the pace slowed down a bit and became more dense, so it was harder to relate to characters. I loved side characters Elan and Naomi very much in first half, but the more the story went on, the less I cared for them. Last few chapter were back to amazingness, though. :)

I love the friendship and comradery between her and Naomi, it's nice to read about strong female friendship. The romance on the other hand I wasn't a biggest fan off. I didn't feel the chemistry between them. 

There is a lot more to discover in this world, so I can't wait to read the next one. :)

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