Wicked Soul by Nora Ash

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Nora Ash
Title Wicked Soul 
Series Ancient Blood
Published February 10th 2017
Genre paranormal, vampires, witches, magic, romance


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He saved me… And then he blood-bonded me. Now I’m his. 

My first meeting with a Chicago vampire went better than expected. 
Up until that night, all I knew about vampires was limited to a few common facts: they drink blood, they get a mean sunburn and if you find yourself alone with one, you’re dead. 
Except he didn’t kill me. 
Sexy, broody Warin clearly had his own reasons for sparing my life and tying me with his blood, but if he’d known how much trouble I’d attract, I bet he wouldn’t have bothered. When he blood-bonded me, secrets even I didn’t know about myself came to light. 
Secrets that will pull us both deep into the eternal war between vampires and the witches determined to rid the world of their evil. 
We have only one choice now: fight the forces hell-bent on breaking our bond… Or die.


Story starts with Liv getting kidnapped for reading vampire book and thrown into cage with real vampire. Instead of killing and eating her, he saves her life. Few months after that, they meet again and from a friendship. The more Liv gets involved in supernatural world, the more danger there is for her. 

One of my favourite thing about the book is Liv. She is what a strong character should be. She stand up for herself and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do. I love reading the way she talked with Warin.

As you slowly ease into this world, you see the way their friendship evolve. I love that the romance for once in based on friendship and mutual respect (breath of fresh air :)). 

I love the urban setting of it and supernaturals in it.

Highly recommend to anyone who loves good urban fantasy. :)

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  1. Thanks for being on the tour today! Great review! :)

  2. Thanks you so much for the lovely review <3


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