Web of Frost by Lindsay Smith

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Lindsay Smith
Title Web of Frost
Series Saints of Russalka #1
Number of pages 400
Genre ya, fantasy
Published February 13th by Eventide Press


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The saints of Russalka work their blessings in mysterious ways, allowing the royal family to perform miracles for their people. But the young princess Katza fears her powers. She’s seen grave visions of her bloodied hands destroying her family’s empire. When her older brother succumbs to illness, leaving her next in line for the throne, Katza turns to a young rebellious prophet named Ravin who promises to teach her how to control her gift. As unrest grows in Russalka and a foreign monarchy threatens, Ravin understands Katza's fears and helps her find confidence in her gift, and her own heart. Under Ravin’s unorthodox training, Katza learns to hear the saints once more—until revolutionaries claim her father’s life. Reeling and desperate, Katza draws upon darker and darker powers to stop the revolutionaries, the foreign invaders, and the members of her own court who would see her fail. But the more Ravin whispers in her ear, the more Katza questions whether he—and the saints—have her best interests at heart. She must choose between her love of Ravin and her love of Russalka itself—and decide whether her empire might not be better 


Web of Frost is high-fantasy novel with very unique and intriguing setting. Is the world where power/magic is received from Saints, if you are lucky enough to be blessed and highly controlled by the Church. The magic system is very thought out, with good take on religion. You can draw a lot of parallels with history.

Katza is afraid of her powers, because of horrible vision. She doesn't use them. Being second in line for the throne, she didn't though she will have to. After untimely deaths, when she is in charge, she relies heavily on Ravin to guide and teach her. 

I like the way Ravin guided her, not telling her what to do, but encouraging her to listen to herself, empowering her.

I really like his characters, it's very complex and mysterious. 

The start was a bit slow, but after about third of the book, it's get really intense and I couldn't put it down.

I didn't like her at first didn't like her at first, she din't have a spine or opinions. I loved to see her grow, to see her growing a spine, growing into her role and her powers. I love her strength at the end and determination

She went from no voice, to the total opposite of it, and it took a lot to find her own self and the right thing to do.

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