Noble Vol. 1: God Shots

Rating πŸ’š πŸ’š πŸ’š πŸ’š 
Authors Brandon ThomasRoger RobinsonWill RosadoAndWorld DesignJessica Kholine, Jamal Igle, Robin RiggsSaida TemofonteJuan FernΓ‘ndezSotocolorJosph Phillip IllidgeMarco Turini 
Title Noble Vol. 1
Genre comic book
Number of pages 144



I love superheroes, especially origin stories. I really liked reading about Noble. 

Asteroid was about to collide with Earth, so group of astronauts went to destroy it. They weren't suppose to survive. David gained super powers from the explosion, but lost all memories. He is helping people all around the world and running from people who helped to create him. His wife is determined o save him, but it might be too late.

The artwork is amazing, and the story like is good too, maybe too confusing at times. It jumps back and forth so much I was lost at times. 

Nonetheless I enjoyed it. :)

Happy reading,



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