Book of Souls by Nadine Nightingale

Rating 💚 💚 💚
Author Nadine Nightingale 
Title Book of Souls
Series Goods of Egypt #1
Genre Egyptian gods, urban fantasy, romance
Published February 9th 2018 by Createspace Independent Publishing
Number of Pages 312


Received from NetGalley

Nisha's life is very hard. She thinks of herself as Angel of Death, because people die around her all the time. She gets bullied a lot, by peers and adults alike. It was very hard reading about the way she was treated and the way she though, she deserves that kind of treatment. On top of all that she gets nightmares and very vivid hallucination.

Hallucinations get worse, when new kid arrives to school. Blaze is the ultimate bad boy. The more she tries to keep him away, to keep him save, he is kin on getting to know her.

Slowly she discovers, that there is a reason for all that is happening and everything is not what is seems.

I like the idea behind the story, but had trouble connecting to the story.

Happy reading,



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