A Song of Summer Lost by Sarah Negovetich

Rating 💚 💚 💚 💚
Author Sarah Negovetich
Title A Song of Summer Lost
Series The Magh Meall Chorinicles Book 1
Genre fae, romance, ya
Published February 26th 2018
Number of pages 333

Received from Author

I LOVE anything Fae related, so this book was just the right kind of story for me.

Caolainn is princess of the Summer Court. She has little time, before she is crowned Queen and she dreads it. She spends a lot of time on her piano, alone. She has one chance of little bit of freedom, so she convinces the King to let her go to the human realm. In that short time, she grows into amazing woman, fall in love and forms friendships. All that end when enemy invades her home. She has to do, what is right for her people and maybe not so much for her.

I love reading about her homeland, the way they live, customs, royal life. However I also loved reading about the way they view our (human) way of life and they had to adjust to very different world.

What made the story great, were the characters. Caolainn I didn't like so much in the start, she was a bit... whiny, but as the story progressed, you can see her grow, find herself. I loved her by the end, she was very strong, doing what she had to, in order to protect her people. And I loved her "brother"... it's amazing how they went from hate... to a kind of friendship. And David, totally swoon worthy. The romance was just so ... amazing. :)

One character I didn't like was Mathol, something about him just irked me. :)

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