Saving Me by Sadie Allen

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Author Sadie Allen
Title Saving Me
Genre contemporary, romance
Published February 22nd 2018


Received from Author

I'm having really good reading year, every book I've read so far is better than the previous. Saving Me might just be my favourite contemporary book ever, definitely top 5. :) 

Ally is living perfect life, on the outside. She is star of track team, one of the most popular girls in school with a lot of friends. 

Reality is far from perfect. She lives in very controlling household. Everything is picked for her, her clothes, friends, training schedule, food she may or may not eat and training schedule. Down to every little aspect of her life. She has no say in anything. that kind of life could bring anyone to its knees. After she hurts her leg and can't run anymore, she decides to end it all. 

There are people that come in you life and the right moment. And Sterling is one of those people for Ally. He helps her see, that life is worth living. Little by little she heals. She makes new friends, finds love and most importantly, she finds herself. With every problem facing her, she becomes stronger and life becomes worth living. 

Saving me is not light romance, is the story that shakes you, touch your every emotion, the story that brakes your hearth and still makes you feel hopeful in the end. 

It's very relatable and ... real. There are some very hard issues addressed, like suicide, racism, homophobia, teenage pregnancy, in a way that is very realistic, but still hopeful in a way. 

And the writing is so beautiful.One of those books that everyone should red.  

Highly recommend it!

Happy reading,



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